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Let's start the year off with some self-care skincare, shall we?🥰

So my skincare routine has pretty much stayed the same for the past year and I finally decided it is time to switch things up! I picked up the full Fenty skin routine and wanted to test what the hype is all about. After a couple of weeks in, I am ready to share my 100% honest thoughts and opinions with you guys. HAPPY READING!✨

Thinking about picking up FENTY SKIN?

😏 Here's all you need to know

Full Set includes:

STEP 1: Remove it all Total Cleans'r

Hmmm... This cleanser, I LOVE!! ❤️It is a creamy cleanser that lathers up once you add water. My favorite thing is the squeaky clean but non-drying feel my skin has right after I wash my face. It claims to be a 2-in-one cleanser that you can use as a first step to get rid of all your makeup. Personally, I wear a LOT of makeup so I always have to go in at least twice to get rid of a full face of makeup. Or better still, just go in with a makeup wipe first!

Here are some other claims from the website and how I feel:

  • "Purifies pores and helps fights shine long after you’ve rinsed it off" - umm, SO true!

  • "Smells like cherries and coconut" - DEFINITELY ( So beware if you are not into scented products!)

STEP 2: Fat Water Pore Refining Toner Serum

This is my absolute favorite thing in the entire routine. Fat water combines toner and serum into one step and has provided amazing results on my skin. My pores are the best they have ever looked and my skin is so soft and plump. This formula is unique! If you wanted to pick only one product up from this entire collection, I would totally recommend this!💯

STEP 3: Hydra Visor Invisible Moisturizer (SPF 30) or Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Cream

Moisturizing is the final step in this skincare routine. With two options to pick from for daytime or nighttime use, you can't go wrong with either. The daytime moisturizer contains SPF 30 and I was impressed by the fact that it does not leave a white cast like most moisturizers with SPF!

And lastly, we have the Overnight recovery cream! 🙌🏾 BAYBYYY! ❤️This cream does exactly what the name implies. It is the perfect night cream to keep your skin nourished and have you feeling your best when you wake up.

So... The question is, considering all factors, (price, routine, results) do I recommend this set??😏


My favorite thing is how the set has simplified an entire skincare routine and does not have you using 20 products at once to complete your routine! If you are looking for something to help with purifying pores, textures, brightening, and skin balancing, look no further babe! This is IT! 🙌🏾 Keep up with my Instagram @titilayoabiwon for more updates!

Hope you enjoyed this quick read! Let me know what you guys think and I'll catch you next time!


Titi. Xx! 💋


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