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Dehydrated Skin, WHERE?

is a must share!!😭❤️ • Okay personally, I have always been a fan of anything with Hyaluronic Acid in it. So naturally when I received this in a PR box along with some other makeup Revolution products, I was inclined to try this out. I am a combination skin type and I wore it under makeup the first day, skipped my regular moisturizer altogether and boy when I tell you my skin was HAPPY! 🙌🏾. I knew right away this is here to stay in my routine. I followed up a couple more days with and without makeup and wore it as a serum underneath my regular moisturizer and I think my skin is currently the best it has ever been. 🥰 This Hyaluronic acid serum claims to be a lightweight and oil free serum that sinks into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling silky soft and looking healthy, I can 100% attest to the accuracy of these claims. Normally when I incorporate a new product into my routine, my skin might go through an adjustment stage where it goes through a purge until it finally gets used to the product. I did not experience any purge with this. (Maybe because I already use other products with Hyaluronic acid in it)

I checked and this currently retails for about $10. That is an absolute steal if you ask me! I totally recommend and the best part about it for me is how it does not stay sticky and feels extremely lightweight!

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