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Love this Witch Hazel Toner, but...

is hands down the best toner I have used! I have been using this for months and It’s here to stay in my skincare routine. I am a combination skin type but my skin can be pretty sensitive so toners have always been a hit or miss for me. I bought this from my local Target (retails for about $11) and I started using it as the 2nd step in my skincare routine morning and night. It usually follows my cleanser. I could tell right away that my skin was brighter, softer and was even more balanced especially on days that I have on makeup.

I ran out of the “Unscented” for a while and decided to try out the “original” instead. For some reason that did not quite work well with my skin. I noticed some irritation and minor breakouts days into using it. I decided to head back to the store and picked up the “unscented” once more and within two days my skin was back to normal. Not sure why that is, but that was my experience using the two.

There are other scents available. However, my recommendation is that if you have sensitive skin, maybe stick to the “unscented”. I totally recommend!

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